The Cause

From 1991 to 1996, as the price of fins doubled, the shark catch reported at Hawaii’s docks jumped 22-fold: from an estimated 200,000 pounds to 4.5 million pounds, according to the council. About 99 percent of those sharks were used just for their fins, so the catch weights are estimated based on the size of the fins. And about 95 percent of those finned sharks were blue sharks, a species of up to 13 feet and 400 pounds that’s considered harmless to humans. Blues wind up on fishing vessels because they live in the same neighborhoods as swordfish and tuna, two prime targets of the Pacific commercial fishing industry. The fish typically are caught on lines stretching across 80 miles of sea and dangling thousands of hooks. The council last year commissioned an overview of world agencies collecting data on Pacific sharks. But that study said “reliable fisheries statistics on a species-specific level for sharks is a rare commodity throughout the Pacific Rim.”

San Franciscans Against Shark Finning (SFASF) is aiming to get shark fin soup served in restaurants in the Bay Area completely eliminated.  We believe that we have an opportunity to be the first city in the world to completely ban shark fin soup and set a precedence that shark fin soup is a food that we no longer need to consume!  Please take a look at this site and familiarize yourself with the practice of shark finning and how it is affecting our ocean’s ecosystem.

Once you’ve decided for yourself PLEASE contact the office of Mayor Gavin Newsom and make your voice heard.  Ask him to take action to ban shark fin soup in San Francisco.



  1. This is a great contribution towards the goal of saving the shark. San Francisco is one of the most progressive cities in the world – so if we can get shark fin soup banned in SF that will set a powerful precedent for the rest of the world to follow.

  2. What a great website and cause! As consumers we hold so much power and we can convince these restaurant owners not to sell shark by speaking up and only dining at responsible restaurants.

  3. I’m very happy that people in the United States care about the horrible situations of the shark populations.
    This is so important because many people here in Europe (I’m from Germany) do (some times silly) things because they have seen it during their holidays in the USA.
    So if it works there it can work here too.
    Currently many shark products are sold in Europe under false names to hide the mad reality of what these products contain. (British fish and chips for example is full of txic shark meat).
    I can only congratulate everyone who decided to join the cause and save the sharks (because we need them to survive too)

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