CNN’s Planet in Peril coverage on Shark Finning

WildAid, based in San Francisco, looks at shark finning

State of the Sharks Map

Shark Protection

Shark Water official site – the movie that will change your mind about sharks

The Shark Alliance

Clampdown urged on shark finning – BBC news article

Shark Fin soup alter an ecosystem – from CNN Asia

Yahoo investments in the shark finning industry – BUSTED!

Stop Shark Finning – Keep Sharks in the ocean and out of the soup

Bite Back

Humane society visits San Francisco  and is shocked by the amount of shark fins!



  1. You should coordinate with COARE, who helped organize the protest in Chinatown this past Chinese New Year (Christopher Chin from COARE set it up with Lawrence Groth of Shark Diving Int’l). We’re all hoping to do it again soon, and there were people from other cities hoping to organize similar actions in other places…..

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